Education promotes not only literacy but is critical reduce rather eliminate social inequalities. Education empowers people and which helps them to achieve their goals and go up in life. Health care too is closely related to education. Once educated the individuals become aware as to what is healthy and what is not. Education of female child is critical for the society. Educating a female child is to ensure healthy and educated family. The goal of good education cannot be achieved unless it is provided by well qualified and motivated teachers. Only motivated teachers can ignite the curiosity and latent talent of the child. So when one is training young boys and girls to become teachers, it is essential that they are taught not only the methodology of teaching but also class.

Affiliated to Purvanchal University (Veer Bahadur Singh Purvanchal University) Jaunpur.

Our Mission

To provide a framework for learning within and beyond the formal curriculum that offers pupils a range of opportunities designed to help them reach excellent standards of attainment and achievement

Our Vision

The vision of Bihari Mahila Degree College is to provide an excellent education for all pupils within a caring environment. We expand lasting knowledge centered in local and global communities.